Feng Shui

Feng Shui deals with measuring the energies (positive and negative) of your house. It is about enhancing the positive ones and canceling the negative ones. Each house has an orientation that brings certain misfortunes in particular (health, infidelity, money …) and certain fortunes. It is important to know above all the poisoned aspects to annul them and put an end to bad luck. In general, the remedies are simple: nourish the right element, whether water, earth, fire … etc., by means of amulets, rocks, some decoration. Concrete advice is given according to the person, the shape of the house, its orientation, etc.

The session includes: Explanation by video call + brief written report.

It will be necessary to send the floor plan to [email protected] Plan of the house and its orientation (with compass or Google Maps). It is very important to know which way the main door and windows are facing, if it is the same direction or not. Likewise, any exterior element that is very influential in the house (large trees outside, views, roads, etc.). It is necessary to indicate this type of external energies during the session for a better valuation.

+ 50€ increase per extra floor plan


45 min

Web conference details are provided in the confirmation.

About Alice Blue...

Tarot reader for 20 years, double Pisces with great intuition. I enjoy very much casting the cards to those who need it.

Expert natal chart reading. Guidance and help in charities, knowledge of kabbalah and synchronicity / destiny.

Expert acupuncturist and Taoist practitioner, extensive knowledge of the Book of Mutations (I Ching) and by extension Feng Shui.

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