February Numerology 2022

As during December 2021, this February we will once again have the energy of the number 8. Let’s remember that the 8 represents strength, will, effort, power, resolution and karma.

This month the rewards will finally come to us thanks to the work and effort we put during the month of January in new projects or illusions. It is a month of recognition and fulfillment, where the phrase “Everyone reaps what they sow” will become very important. It’s time to think “Am I really putting all my effort and work into achieving what I want?”.

During February we will have a special ability to see things from a more ambitious perspective. We will be able to obtain recognition and rewards. As well as expansion and development in the business world. The 8 gives us the strength we need to overcome all obstacles that are put in our way. Ability and perseverance will be key to achieve that much desired success.

Pero, beware of abusing your power this month! To achieve recognition and rewards it will be important to apply fairness, ethics, good judgment and organization to our activities, especially in the business environment. 

We should also try to combine the material forces with the spiritual ones; to achieve self-mastery before reaching success. To balance our more spiritual part with the earthly one: “As above, so below”.

8 activities to work the month of February according to its numerological energy:

1. Write down on a piece of paper your top 5 qualities and read them out loud to yourself once a day.

It is about making a list of all our skills to be aware and be able to take advantage of our resources. If you find it hard to see your top 5 strengths or qualities, you can start by asking yourself: what do I bring to those around me, what do my friends value about me, or ask someone you trust to help you make this list.

2. Throw away three material things in your house that are no longer useful.

February 1st coincides with the Chinese New Year and it’s the perfect time to reorganize the energy of our home through small techniques of Feng Shui and not succumb to materialism. 

Feng Shui is an ancient technique that analyzes the energies of each house, so it will never be the same for one house than for another. In addition, it changes every 20 years, depending on the period in which we are.

It can help us to be happy, in two ways: first, to understand that the excess of things does not let the energy flow in the house and its philosophy can help us to get rid of the junk. Secondly, if we perform the Feng Shui of our house, we will find the positive and negative points, learning how to enhance the good energies and cancel the bad ones.

3. Balance your masculine-feminine energy: Take a yoga class.

Yoga helps us to connect body and mind. Spirituality with strength. If you have little time, we recommend you to do this brief online session of 15 minutes that offers Oysho for free. 

4. Perform an Energetic Cleansing Ritual

Energetic cleansing helps to attract positivism, peace and well-being and relaxes the environment. We propose a ritual that you can do every time you feel blocked or feel the atmosphere charged.

5. Connect with the Crystal Quartz

The natural energy of Quartz is peace. It is a cleanser and amplifier of energy, much used for this reason in our modern world. It is a symbol of spiritual wisdom and knowledge, as well as clarity of thought.

You can get your Crystal Quartz at Mukhas.

6. Expand your most creative and original side

This month boosts originality and inspiration to create. If accompanied by diplomacy, willpower and courage, everything can be achieved. To do this, listen to music that inspires you, draw, write, sing… 

7. Connect with your soul so you don't lose sight of your spiritual side.

You can do it through the Pack of two sessions “Canalización & Reiki & tú” de miistico. During these 2 sessions you will be able to converse with your soul and with beings of light, answer questions you have always had, have the vision, the clarity, and the certainty that you are going where you want to go. 

In addition, you will be able to feel an inner cleansing that will allow you to connect with your soul like never before, feeling better and evolved.

8. Try more than ever to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Karma will be very present during the month of February, so let’s keep in mind that everything comes back and try to take care and treat others as we would like them to treat us. 


Happy February!

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