Energy Portal 22-02-2022

The Energetic Portal 22-02-2022, according to numerology, is a day of energetic connection and with a very special meaning. The number 2 is presented as a pattern on this magical date. It invites us to take the initiative and review what we feel and desire in order to achieve our goals.

What is an energy portal?

An energetic Portal is a universal energy that occurs on key dates based on the numerical vibration of that date. These are moments in which the different planes enter into union., giving us the possibility of a greater connection with ourselves in order to evolve and transform. The forces and energies of the Earth combine and connect with the forces of other planes.

Energy portals give us the opportunity to tap into our personal power, trust ourselves and listen to ourselves.


Energy Portal 22-02-22

This February 22nd we will have a new Energetic Portal (although we can feel the energies a few days before or after).

The number 2, if it appears repeatedly it is considered a sacred number of special importance. The 2 is a vibration that symbolizes diplomacy, union, dependence, duality and choice. This vibration brings out our empathic part, of cooperation and consideration towards the other. It brings an energy to consolidate relationships, strengthen ties, work as a team and collaborate with the other. The support, backing and empathy are key concepts of this number. The 2 collects and assimilates, establishes balance between opposing forces. It is a number to give and receive that in the Tarot is represented byThe High Priestess.

In turn, it is necessary to add up all the digits and perform what is known as “the Theosophical reduction“. This reduction consists of adding the different digits together until they are reduced to a single digit.  Specifically, the energy of this portal is vibration 3.

Although the number that is repeated most often is 2, its full vibrational energy is the number 3.

This number symbolizes development, growth, and fun. The number 3 is a fascinating and diversified vibration which combines the qualities of freedom, manifestation, and expression. It brings with it joie de vivre, enthusiasm and an optimistic outlook. It is about productive energy, expansion and development. It is that vibration that allows you to use your creative imagination to allow all things to be possible. In Tarot is represented by no other thanthe cart of The Empress.

Portal energético 22-02-2022

That is why, this portal opens an energy of union (2) and development (3).. It invites us to reflect on how much we work as a team to achieve and develop our objectives. It reminds us that we are social beings and that the relationship with our environment is vital to manifest productivity and expansion in each of the areas of our lives.

Ritual to harness the energies

This energy that combines the vibration of number 2 and number 3 invites you that day to take time to stop and listen to yourself, to pause and identify what aspects of your life you want to enhance and develop.


The ritual is very simple. Choose a quiet moment where you can dedicate time to yourself and light the white candle. With your energy, take the paper and write 22 wishes that you want to manifest on this day. It is important that you write them as positive affirmations and as if they had been fulfilled in order to integrate them into your psyche. For example, “I love my job”, “I have created a united family”, etc… If you want, you can repeat the wishes, they do not have to be 22 different wishes.

Once you have them burn the sheet of paper, return it to nature and thank the Universe (or whoever you want). To say thank you, put both hands together and thus be able to do it with your whole being. Remember that the right hand represents your conscious part and the left your unconscious. By bringing them together, you are giving thanks with both parts of yourself.

Let the candle burn down.

IMPORTANT: leave the candle in a safe and guarded place to avoid scares.

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