What is Energetic Harmonization?

It is a technique that acts on the energy field of the person, object or space. The energetic harmonization allows for a diagnosis and treatment of the alterations found in the energetic field.

Just as we try to keep our body, house and objects clean on the physical plane, we should be aware that the energy field also needs care.

Throughout the day we are exposed to all kinds of energies. Thoughts and emotions are vibratory frequencies that are projected to our environment and these vibrations can be beneficial or harmful to us. Therefore, it is key to identify those that are harmful and transform them, otherwise we become saturated, overwhelmed and our mood is affected.

Thus, the aim of energy harmonization is to return the free flow of your energy and to purify your aura and your body, fill you with positive energy and feel in harmony and coherence with your environment. In addition, cleaning your home thorugh energy harmonization, helps you generate a calm and peaceful space in which one feels comfortable.

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What are the benefits of Energetic Harmonization?

Connecting with oneself and finding energetic balance

Clean and balance the energy field of oneself, a space or an object.

Identifying blockages to reduce stress level and improve mood


What prevents me from connecting with myself

I feel that an object or a space brings me bad energy and I don’t know what to do.

I feel somewhat unbalanced and stressed and would like to identify my blockage and address it.

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