Eclipses 2022: How they affect us

Since the beginning of the year we have the North Node in Taurus and the South inScorpio. All the aspects that happen in the axis of the karmic nodes are very relevant both individually and collectively. Very soon we will have two eclipses 2022 (of the Sun and of the Moon) that will directly affect the nodes.

Aslo, Venus is in Pisces right now, so relational issues, love and feelings in general, can be very touched by this eclipse season. Eclipses start to have an influence a little bit before they start, and they make us feel quite nervous at least a week before and after them. Therefore, the last fortnight of April and the first of May are very charged with energy.

It also joins Uranus aligned with the nodal axis, which can bring disruptive energy. Not only in matters of love, but also in matters that touch our heartstrings or hurt our feelings (represented by Venus in the nodal axis in Pisces). With the South Node in Scorpio, which represents what is going away, it is time to abandon obsessions, toxic relationships and old patterns or places that have become stagnant, as well as bad habits.

Eclipses 2022

Eclipses 2022: April 30th and May 16th eclipse

The eclipses will occur on April 30 and May 16 and being aligned with Uranus, they will be very powerful, since Uranus represents lightning. Both eclipses and Uranian energy shake the foundations of our lives and can bring drastic and lasting changes. Uranus represents the new and the disruptive, which can be understood as something positive or something totally destructive, since it speaks of radically changing things. At the same time it brings unusual things or very fast evolutions, it allows us to go from one state to another without intermediate points.

Curious situations can arise, such as unexpected moves to other countries, surprise trips, couples who break up or get married suddenly, people who unexpectedly return to our lives, or leave, unexpected pregnancy, job changes, resignations… etc. It can greatly change our priorities and ways of living when we didn’t count on it.

Uranus is also perfecting its square to Saturn (which will be perfect in October), which represents the coup de grace of the Saturnian process we have been going through since 2020. 

We have all lost things, felt very strong limits and changed since that year and this 2022 is the closure. It’s about recovering what you can, leaving behind what no longer works and restoring energy for a new beginning. We are in the midst of restructuring energy, so the eclipses will help us undo muddle and destroy to build.

On April 30th the eclipse will be a solar eclipse at Taurus, and that of May 16th will be the moon at Scorpio. The eclipse in Scorpio, as it could not be less, is about destruction and purification. 

There will be changes in personal relationships and it will be very emotional. On the other hand, the solar eclipse in Taurus will make us question our resources and whether we are happy with the way we live, work or live at home. The themes of moving or change of lifestyle will be very much in the limelight. There are several ideas or dreams in our head, since Jupiter and Venus are in Pisces, that we would like to realize.

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