Eclipse season is upon us!

Discover how the last eclipses of 2021 affect you …

There are two eclipses that open a sea of opportunities before you. Both eclipses bring change and revolution. And as you well know, any change means new opportunities. It all depends on how you approach them to work in your favor.

Un eclipse it is an astronomical phenomenon that happens when the light that comes from a celestial body is blocked by another body. In our case, this event occurs when the Sun and Moon align with the Earth and we can experience two kinds of eclipses: solar eclipses and lunar eclipses.

Eclipses generally work as change activators, that is, these types of astrological events are perfect for healing wounds from the past, letting go of what It no longer serves us, closing cycles, closing cycles, and opening new paths.

We leave you below the dates and implications of the last eclipses of 2021:

19/ 11 – Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

What is a lunar eclipse?- During a lunar eclipse, the Earth prevents sunlight from reaching the moon. This means that, during the night, the full moon disappears completely, as the Earth’s shadow covers it.

¿How does the lunar eclipse in Taurus affect us?

It is a full Moon in Taurus with an eclipse. In the phase of partial lunar eclipses, on a spiritual level it is a moment that encourages us to work on everything that we need to let go of, what is no longer part of us and what is no longer in tune with our soul or ourselves. .

It brings us a very bullfighting energy that will make us reflect and rethink issues such as food, safety, managing our resources, perseverance and tenacity, and self-esteem.

The energy of this eclipse gives us the opportunity to:

  • Carry out a deep inner cleansing and transform emotional patterns.
  • Change toxic habits and modify sentimental patterns that seemed immovable.
  • Activate projects that can modify our way of working and generate resources.
  • Organize our personal finances.
  • Strengthen our self-esteem.

4/12 – Solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

¿What is a solar eclipse? – A solar eclipse occurs when the moon gets in the way of sunlight and casts its shadow on Earth. This means that, during the day, the moon moves ahead of the sun and gets dark.

How does the solar eclipse affect us in Sagittarius?

< p> It will be the new Moon in Sagittarius with eclipse and as such, it brings new beginnings. Following the characteristics of the Sagittarius sign, this eclipse brings an adventurous, risky energy that will make us pose new challenges for next year and thus close 2021 with joy. If you want to plan a trip, this will be a good time!

The energy of this eclipse gives us the opportunity to:

  • Take risks and Venture into new paths.
  • Plan and make changes in our way of living.
  • Adapt to circumstances and open ourselves to what life can bring you.
  • Wake up and unleash your optimism.

From miistico, we recommend this service to take advantage of this moment of change and be able to deploy and work on your personal strategy.

Happy eclipse season!

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