What is Dream Interpretation?

We spend one third of our life sleeping and during that time our mind is filled with images that are symbols with a particular meaning. The dream is a conversation with ourselves in which the unconscious confronts us with our needs, problems, anxieties, frustrations or desires. It is a projection of ourselves in which all the repressed emotions and passions inevitably appear in the mind of human beings.

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During dreams, our unconscious speaks to us in its own cinematographic and symbolic language, which is composed of two main categories: the personal unconscious, elaborated by ourselves through our life experiences, and the collective unconscious of humanity, which are inherited concepts or archetypes that are transmitted in the human species.

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Dream Interpretation Professionals

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What are the benefits of Dream Interpretation?

It helps you to dialogue with your unconscious and understand your own language.

It allows you to unblock fears, anxieties and panics.

It helps you identify repressed desires or emotions.

Topics to consult

Identify recurring dreams and their message or learning.

To understand aspects and deep signals of the unconscious.

Unblock fears, desires and frustrations.

Recognize our repressed emotions and passions.

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