Do you know how to recognize the opportunities that your birthday brings?

by Virginia, Numerologist

It was my birthday very recently, and I was thinking about one of the 7 universal laws, such as the Law of Correspondence, which applies to everything and, therefore, also to the birthday.

This universal law tells us “as within, so without” or “as above, so below”.

Universal law

This Law has different repercussions. One of them is that there is a pattern that happens as a sign of the implicit order in this Universe, conscious and intelligent.

According to this law, applied to your birthday, it is the day when your “personal year” begins with a specific theme for you.

On this day is the essence of the experiences, learning and opportunities of the rest of the year, as a fractal of the whole year.

It is normal that many times, days before, or the same day of the birthday, we feel so stirred and revolutionized…, a lot of intensity and concentration of “all that is and will be”.

¿Sabes reconocer las oportunidades que te trae el día de tu cumpleaños?

4 Stages

Our life happens in cycles, specifically there are 4 cycles that, in turn, if we analyze our personal year, would also be divided into 4 stages…

These 4 cycles are calculated from our date of birth, and each of them brings us opportunities, called “pinnacles” in numerology, and learnings or “pitfalls”. These learnings are subject to how we face the opportunities and therefore, to the level of consciousness we have. The higher the level of consciousness, the more fluid and less intense the learning will be.

We see these same 4 stages reflected in our birthday…. In it is the germ of all that will be our year on a small scale. A little pill of the whole year 🙂

In addition, every 9 years the same energetic scenario is repeated as when we were born, like a return to the origin… then we have an opportunity to live differently certain themes that are repeated in our life.

It is about being masters of ourselves, of what we set out in our life program and as you can see, we have many occasions to experience it and live it with more and more presence and consciousness… here our free will is the one that decides how to live it…

Remember that we evolve in a spiral… Therefore, every 9 years, in a single year, the 4 cycles that we will live in our whole life are summarized… interesting, isn’t it? So, on that birthday every 9 years, the energetic scenario and the opportunities and learnings of the life plan we bring are concentrated… the spiral becomes more spiral 😉

All this information is very fragmented and sometimes, for that reason, it is difficult for us to see it, or we are simply so involved in “our role or character” that we lack perspective.

If you’d like me to help you see what opportunities are laid out on your birthday for what will be your personal year, I’d love to help you. There is so much about you that you can discover in a consultation with me.

And if you’re wondering whether it’s better to have the consultation before or after your birthday, it doesn’t matter, either way you’ll get the valuable information you need.

If it is before, I will give you the keys to recognize the signs. And you will be prepared to know how to interpret, recognize and understand what it means what happens that day.

If it has already happened, and you have recent emotions, sensations, what you lived, or even if your birthday was not as you expected, do not worry, we can see how to use to your advantage the experiences of that day to bring them to the positive polarity for the rest of the year.

Best regards,


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