Creativity in the Natal Chart

by Mery, professional at miistico

Mystical beliefs and practices have existed for millennia, so have admiration for the Cosmos and universal esoteric dilemmas, but why do we continue to pursue the mystical? Since the beginning of human creativity itself, image-makers have been drawn to these unknown spheres and have created curious works of art that transcend time and place, but what is it that draws us to these magical realms?

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The sky is the largest and most wonderful canvas we can imagine, and at the same time it is constantly changing. In addition to giving us the gift of unparalleled beauty, looking at the sky is an extraordinary exercise for the soul. It is the blanket of stars that shows us that we are all creative in some way. And every astrological chart reflects this in some way. Obviously, if we find important planets or a stellium in the 5th House, the house in which we develop our creativity, it is very likely that we are dealing with a creative personality. But, we must know that there are no signs or houses more creative than others. All are a door to the creative experience.

And when we talk about creative expression, we also talk about light and color, vibrational waves, even golden, silver, copper tones and shades… Because color and its tones or shades are present in our natal chart and bring us the harmony that we sometimes lose. To see life with color, means to put an emotion, an intention or a feeling to the situation we are facing. That is to say, to light the lamp to bring us the necessary light and to see beyond the situation.

Therefore, studying one’s birth chart helps us to find our strengths and to be able to understand in which areas we will have an easier time to give vent to our creativity. It is to study the Self in movement with life, and to put the focus on how that tool manifests itself in our consciousness. Learning to express what one is, in the form in which one has come. It is self-centering to go to the most particular of our personal archetypes and make of ourselves something that resonates with others.

It would be ideal to use each planet in our chart as something that can stimulate, explore and give space in our life to creativity: Venus reflecting that what we like matters; Mercury awakening our curiosity. The Moon, for example, tells us what our personal imaginary is: that is, the background and poetic atmosphere of our life. Our sensitivity. Neptune and Jupiter, from another angle, manifest the imaginary of a whole generation, with that cultural background of references that feeds our field of possibilities.

There is also the Sun, our focus of vitality, resonance and motivation; or Mars, the planet that sets in motion the desire for self-affirmation, which is necessary to have confidence that our creativity brings. From another perspective, Pluto brings to light the shadows, and also our brightest flashes. It helps us to transform experiences into a precise and distilled breath of true art. It is what gives forcefulness and depth to what we express.

Saturn, on the other hand, is the one who favors us to materialize things over time, and helps us gain mastery. It engages us in creative activity and helps us to persevere. It is a fundamental planet for the professionalization of creativity. And Uranus, on the other hand, is the one who gives us that touch of genius. It is the planet of serendipity, discoveries and breakthroughs.

Each element of the Cosmos, each mystical configuration is a help to show us and teach us in reality who we are: co-creative beings of our reality capable of expressing a constant creative purpose. That is why our ancestors ended up divinizing the cosmos and, of course, representing it under various artistic forms. Hence the emergence of magic by analogy, which gave rise to an infinite code of symbols, where astrology always occupied a predominant place.


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