Cleaning and purification of space

This Ritual  is perfect for cleansing and energetic purification in your space. Just as we physically clean our space and our body, it is also necessary to clean your energy field and that of your home. Energetic cleansing helps to attract positivity, peace and well being and relaxes the environment.

You can perform these cleanings periodically or whenever you feel that the environment is charged.

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    Palo Santo: Limpia y purifica la energía

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Ingredients for the Cleansing and Purifying Ritual

Copal incense

as a cleaning agent to enhance the harmony of your home.

White sage and palo santo bundles

 to purify, protect and attract positive energies with a pleasant and intense aroma.

Himalayan Salt

to eliminate negative energies from your body and lift your spirits.

Spiritual Candle

to clean and set the space.

Steps to follow in the Ritual

  • Turn on 1 stick of copal incense and pass it around your house. Start at the door of your house and do each corner in a clockwise direction. As you do this, visualize how you are cleansing the energies in your home. You can also pass it over yourself to cleanse your energies. Once done, open the windows of your house so that all negative energy leaves.

  • Turn on the bundle of White Sage and pass it around your home doing the same process. With it you purify, protect and attract positive energies to your home. Walk with it around the house drawing spirals in the air. You can use it whole or put it out to have several uses, letting it “suffocate” by burying it in sand or putting it carefully under the tap (only the tip) and let it dry. 

  • Every time you feel the house is loaded, you can repeat this act by passing the following steps palo santo.

  • Prepare yourself a bath (or shower) with the Himalayan salt. It is advisable to do it before going to sleep. To do this, prepare the environment of your bathroom by turning on the candle we have included for you. While showering or bathing, rub the salt over your body, from the top to the feet, and visualize how you are removing all the energy that no longer brings you. Once done, rinse your body well and dry yourself with a clean towel. Dry yourself without rubbing your body, just by passing the towel little by little.

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