Celtic Cross Spread

by Alejandra, Astrologer and Tarotists at miistico

The Celtic Cross Tarot reading is one of the best known. It is a very ancient Tarot spread, in the form of a cross with a staff on the right, its origin is lost in time. It is said that the Druids, Celtic priests, used the four arms of the Celtic Cross to interpret the four elements (earth, water, fire and air), also the four directions (north, south, east and west) and also the four components of the human being (mind, body, soul, heart).

It is also said that it may represent an ancient instrument for measuring angles, observation and location of the stars.

However, the fact that it has the shape of a cross gives it the particularity of uniting heaven and earth, and has a specific weight at a symbolic level.

Tirada de la cruz celta

This Tarot spread has a powerful structure, as it unites the feminine energy of the circular section with the masculine energy represented by the staff (the four cards placed vertically to the right).

The Celtic Cross reflects the dual nature of manifest reality, as well as the polarities of the human psyche.

On the other hand, each position is connected with the others, giving it movement, allowing us to reflect and observe a situation from a dynamic point of view. Each of the positions of the Celtic Cross spread somehow influences the rest, providing points of view, alternatives, elements of deep analysis. It also reflects in its small cross (positions 1 and 2) the internal state of the querent, as well as the external, being for all this an extremely valuable tool for self-discovery.

At the time of the reading, one must interpret both the arcana in their meaning, as well as their meaning in each given position. Each Celtic Cross is in itself unique and constitutes a Gestalt, that is to say, a form or mandala with its own presence.

The Celtic Cross reading also has the specific weight of having been used over the centuries thousands of times, giving it an entity as one of the most valuable and profound readings in terms of its content, especially if it refers to a specific subject.

In this reading, major and minor arcana are used. It can also be done only with major arcana, in this case some readers add minor arcana to the positions in which you want to deepen, clarify or simply expand the information.

Nowadays, there are many variants about the positions and their meaning, in my case, I follow the structure I learned through Rachel Pollack, author of magnificent material about the Rider Tarot.

I recommend to anyone interested his books, “The 78 Degrees of Tarot Wisdom“, one on the major arcana and the other on the minor arcana and readings, both excellent.

According to this author, positions 1 and 2 are also called the “small cross”, they show us two facets of the consultant, we could say how he/she is internally and externally, simplifying a lot.

Position number 3 is called the base, it represents the “where the situation comes from” or on what basis the person is supported. Again, I am oversimplifying the meaning, as you have to look at the overall context to interpret correctly.

Position number 4 is the recent past, position 6 the immediate future, position 5 the possible outcome.

In the staff on the right, position 7 represents the querent, position 8 the environment, position 9 hopes or fears and position 10 represents the outcome.

Between positions 5 and 10 we must interpret the answer to the issue raised, it is usually an interplay between the two, in addition to what the consultant brings us, and our intuition and intellect.

Here also enters the notion of free will, NEVER a Tarot reading or a birth chart interpretation determines us, never, on the contrary, they open doors for us to make the best possible decisions and steer the rudder of our ship towards the best waters.

With affection,

Alejandra from Miistico



I am Alejandra, Astrologer and Tarotist.

“I have been working for more than 30 years with body, psychocorporal, energetic therapies, and in recent years Tarot consultations, Astrotarot, which often become counseling processes (psychological counseling). She has given courses in Reflexology, Massage, Initiation to astrology, Stress management”.


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