Ritual para soltar

Ritual to let go (or close cycles) in 7 simple steps

This ritual to let go is for you if you are still attached to people or situations of the past and this prevents you from living your present in fullness and harmony.
How many of us find it hard to close, to let go… It seems that the endings are difficult to accept when in reality they are always a new beginning…

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Luna Nueva en Aries

New Moon in Aries 2022

Next Thursday, March 31st, we will have the New Moon in Aries. The influence of the Moon in our daily life is more than evident since ancient times. This star evidences the eternal intrinsic change in the Universe and, therefore, in our…

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Ritual Fin de año

New Year’s Eve Ritual

Every year we live is a cycle that begins and ends. Rituals for the end of the year help us to let go of what is no longer useful in our lives and helps us welcome everything new…

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Rituales de cumpleaños

Birthday Rituals

Your birthday is a very special and powerful day in terms of energy. It is the day you came into earthly existence. The moment you took your first breath. Therefore, it is a day worthy of your presence and self-love.

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