Energy and rituals

Ritual para soltar

Ritual to let go (or close cycles) in 7 simple steps

This ritual to let go is for you if you are still attached to people or situations of the past and this prevents you from living your present in fullness and harmony.
How many of us find it hard to close, to let go… It seems that the endings are difficult to accept when in reality they are always a new beginning…

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Eclipses 2022

Eclipses 2022: How they affect us

Since the beginning of the year we have the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio. All the aspects that happen in the axis of the karmic nodes are very relevant both individually and collectively. Very soon we will have two eclipses (Sun and Moon) that will directly affect the…

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Cartas OH

What are OH Cards

OH Cards are associative cards with an image and a word. They are so called because of the surprise we feel when we turn them over to answer our questions. The first OH cards were created by Ely Raman in 1975 as an attempt to bring art to the world….

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Lunas Llenas y Superlunas del 2022

Full Moons and Supermoons of 2022

This 2022 brings us twelve full moons and two of them as Supermoons. Each full moon is a moment of transformation, clarity and culmination of all that we have learned. These are small moments of enlightenment that can prove to be very…

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eclipses 2022

Eclipses 2022: when are they and how they affect us

The most awaited astronomical events of the year are usually the eclipses. This year we will be able to enjoy two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses that will be interspersed. Remember that regardless of whether you can see them or not from your location, their energy will be…

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