Cancer Full Moon 2022

On January 17th the full moon in Cancer will occur 2022, but since this week, we are already preparing to receive its energy. It is a powerful, romantic and imaginative full moon. It expands all our emotions with the risk of dramatizing and making us feel more sensitive. It is a very emotional moon, where it will be important to free ourselves from those feelings and emotions that we have deep inside us and that do not allow us to move forward.

The full moons , are usually associated with the culmination of projects or ideas, with a transformation or with gratitude; in this case, since they happen in Cancer (sign par excellence of emotions) it will be a very sentimental and sensitive moon. It is a good time to restructure emotionally. Reflect and bring to light those feelings that we have been keeping for a long time just for ourselves; so we can renew ourselves and set new goals. 

Luna llena en cancer 2022

How does the full moon affect me personally?

Although this full moon in certain aspects affects all of us equally, there are always variations depending on your Natal Chart; so it will be important to see how this Moon falls in our Chart and thus understand how it affects us personally. 

To find out how the full moon affects you, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Identify in which zodiac sign the moon is: In this case, as we have explained above, it will be in the zodiacal sign of CANCER.
  2. Recognize in which house that sign falls in your chart. Those will be the subjects that will be most affected during this lunar transit. 

For example, in the following Natal Chart, Cancer is located in the 5th and 6th house; and therefore, during this full moon, the most affected will be the areas of the children (5th House) and of work, service to others and daily routine (6th House).

Ritual for the full moon in Cancer

This full moon invites us to do an inner cleansing to heal and to be able to set new goals or beginnings. 

For the following emotional cleansing ritual you only need:

  • White Candle: The color white represents purity and divine energy. It is the candle of inspiration, increases knowledge, clarifies thoughts and helps to solve spiritual unresolved cases.
  • 2 Paper sheets that you have at hand, where you can write and explain yourself.
  • Palo Santo, to purify your energy and be able to start from scratch. 

Steps to follow in the Ritual for the full moon in Cancer:

  1. Write down on a piece of paper everything you have been holding inside for a long time and have never dared to say out loud. (If you need to, cry. If done consciously, crying is a good way to cleanse our inner self and heal).
  1. Burn this paper where you wrote what you carry inside and what you want to free or heal from, and return the ashes to nature.
  1. Once you have drawn out your deepest emotions, writing them on paper and burning them, light the white candle. This candle will help us to clear our minds and hearts to focus on new purposes and goals.
  1. On the other sheet of paper, you should write what you would like to achieve. Projects that you want to go ahead, new goals to reach, emotions that you want to feel in the future… 
  1. Pass the Palo Santo consciously throughout your body, from head to toe. As you do, visualize the new goals you have set for yourself. Remember, if you believe, you create.
  1. Fold this sheet and keep it somewhere personal and close to you. For example, your bedside table, a drawer, your closet… That place that you can always have at hand so that when we lose sight of the new goals we can reread the paper and regain confidence and faith. 

Enjoy meeting your emotions!

Sara Duarte, Astrologer in miistico, explains in the following video everything about the Full Moon in Cancer. Would you like to have a personalized video of your Natal Chart explained by Sara? Aquí puedes ver todos sus servicios.

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