Numerología de Junio 2022

Numerology for June 2022

The numbers 1 to 9 have a meaning and certain characteristics associated with them, which together encompass the whole experience of life. This number can help us understand what your energy is and what you can do with it to move forward in a positive and constructive way.

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Ritual para soltar

Ritual to let go (or close cycles) in 7 simple steps

This ritual to let go is for you if you are still attached to people or situations of the past and this prevents you from living your present in fullness and harmony.
How many of us find it hard to close, to let go… It seems that the endings are difficult to accept when in reality they are always a new beginning…

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simbolismo y propiedades místicas de la rosa

Symbolism and mystical properties of the rose

The rose is a flower full of symbolism both in the Tarot and in different cultures. The rose is the sacred flower of the West which, with its 5 petals, symbolizes the 5 senses that nourish the individual to contact the outside: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

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Eclipses 2022

Eclipses 2022: How they affect us

Since the beginning of the year we have the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio. All the aspects that happen in the axis of the karmic nodes are very relevant both individually and collectively. Very soon we will have two eclipses (Sun and Moon) that will directly affect the…

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numerología de mayo 2022

The numerology of May 2022

The numerology of May 2022 is the number 2.

The number two represents duality and cooperation. It is a mutable and adaptable number. It represents the feminine principle (yin) of receptivity that acts as a mediating agent and unites two different elements, entities, energies or concepts to achieve balance. This vibration brings out your empathic, cooperative and considerate side.

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Las cartas que más temes o están vistas como malas del Tarot

The cards that you fear the most or are seen as bad in Tarot

The Death, the Tower, the Devil, the Hanged Man… are some of the cards that have bad reputation, they appear to be negative and people usually look scared when they see them. However, as we will see below, every Tarot card has positive and negative aspects and it is necessary to read them in the context or situation in which they are found.

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Las tiradas de Tarot más comunes

Most common Tarot spreads

There are countless Tarot spreads. There is no single right way to do it or a clear methodology to follow. Each person can use their own techniques and find or develop the Tarot spreads that work best for them….

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Luna Nueva en Aries

New Moon in Aries 2022

Next Thursday, March 31st, we will have the New Moon in Aries. The influence of the Moon in our daily life is more than evident since ancient times. This star evidences the eternal intrinsic change in the Universe and, therefore, in our…

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Numerología de Abril 2022

Numerology of April 2022

According to Numerology the month of April 2022 has the number 1 associated with it. The key words of the number one are originality, independence, leadership, creativity, movement and beginnings. The number 1 represents the…

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Cartas OH

What are OH Cards

OH Cards are associative cards with an image and a word. They are so called because of the surprise we feel when we turn them over to answer our questions. The first OH cards were created by Ely Raman in 1975 as an attempt to bring art to the world….

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planeta regente de mi carta natal

How to know the ruler planet of my natal chart

In every birth chart, the energies of the different planets are present. However, there will always be a planet that has more influence on your birth chart and has more effect on your personality: the ruling planet of your birth chart. This planet tells us about…

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Lunas Llenas y Superlunas del 2022

Full Moons and Supermoons of 2022

This 2022 brings us twelve full moons and two of them as Supermoons. Each full moon is a moment of transformation, clarity and culmination of all that we have learned. These are small moments of enlightenment that can prove to be very…

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Día de la mujer

International Women’s Day and its numerology

Today March 8th, International Women’s Day, Virginia, Numerologist at miistico, wants to talk to us about the vibration of what this date, year after year, tells us from the numbers. This date has the imprint of all the warrior force of women….

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Mujer en el tarot

The role of Women in the Tarot

In the Tarot deck different women are represented and each one of them shows a type of feminine energy or archetype. Understanding which one you identify with in the present moment can help you understand your vital moment.

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eclipses 2022

Eclipses 2022: when are they and how they affect us

The most awaited astronomical events of the year are usually the eclipses. This year we will be able to enjoy two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses that will be interspersed. Remember that regardless of whether you can see them or not from your location, their energy will be…

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Amor propio

How to work on self-love

“Self-love” can mean many things to everyone. From a time of meditation, a sparkling bath, a bike ride, a Tarot session, or even healthy food. All of these are…

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numerología febrero 2022

February Numerology 2022

As during December 2021, this February we will once again have the energy of the number 8 present. Let’s remember that the 8 represents strength, will, effort, power, resolution and karma.
This month the rewards will finally come to us as we…

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Chinese New Year 2022

Following this structure, 2022 will be a Water Tiger year. Its energy will begin on February 1, 2022 and end on January 21, 2023. The tiger is the…

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Luna llena en cancer 2022

Cancer Full Moon 2022

On January 17, the full moon in Cancer will take place, but since this week we are already preparing to receive its energy. It is a powerful full moon, romantic…

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