Birthday Rituals

Birthday Rituals

Your birthday is a very special and powerful day in terms of energy. It is the day you came into earthly existence. The moment you took your first breath. Therefore, it is a day worthy of your presence and self-love.

It is the moment when we close one cycle to begin another full of hope and new possibilities. Turning around the Sun is a new opportunity to do things differently.
One way to offer reverence to this day and give it the importance it deserves is to perform a ritual that leads to connection with yourself, empowerment, self-reflection, and personal restoration.
Here are 5 simple rituals you can perform on your birthday. Take note!

  1. Write a letter to yourself. 

Choose a quiet space where you feel calm and at peace. Take some time to reflect about everything that the past year has brought you. Make a list of the things that have gone well, those small or big victories you have achieved. Also note the moments of real personal growth, the learnings, and point out the ways in which you are proud of yourself.
Once you have it done, read it again being aware of each of your words. Congratulate yourself for all that you have grown this year, burn this piece of paper, and say thank you. Enter the next solar return with the vibration of gratitude.

  1. Your morning of self-love.

Allow yourself to have your most ideal morning on your own terms and schedule. Wake up at the time of your choice and as soon as you do so, before you leave the bed, say three reasons why you love yourself.
Take a good shower or bath and when you do so, be conscious of how you are cleaning and purifying your body for this new stage and solar return.
The rest is up to you, do what you like the most!

  1. .Your mantra of the year.

Mantras are groups of words charged with a special meaning that direct your energy and your intention to achieve your goals. A personal mantra can be composed of a single word, or it can be a short phrase.
On your birthday, set that phrase that you will repeat to yourself every day for the next year. Although it may evolve over time, choose a quality or vision for yourself. Write it on a piece of paper in the present tense so that it translates into the subconscious as truth.
You can decorate or paint the phrase as you like or as it inspires you. Once you have it, place it in a place where you will see it daily.
Say your mantra every day when you wake up, before you go to sleep, and any other time you see it. You will see how little by little you will internalize the phrase and it will become part of you.  

  1. Honor Mother Earth.

A birthday is an incredible time to pay homage to our connection with Mother Earth and be grateful for what we have. To do this, go to a special place in nature. If you are in a city, it can be a park or a small garden that you like. Once there, take off your shoes to be in direct contact with the Earth and spend a few minutes breathing fresh air and being grateful for what you have.  

  1.   Clean and beautify your space.

Birthdays are a good time to perform a ritual of cleansing and purification of our space. It is a perfect moment to restore our well-being. To do this, a couple of days before your birthday do a thorough cleaning of your house or room. Organize your drawers, give away the clothes you no longer wear and reorganize your furniture if you think it is necessary. Once you have everything organized, open the windows, and purify your space by passing copal incense throughout the house. When you finish, give thanks.  

We hope these rituals will help you connect with yourself on your birthday!


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