(February 20 - March 20/21)

Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Polarity: Masculine – Positive
Symbol: The scales. Represents balance and justice.
Ruling Planet: Venus
Key words: Harmony, balanced, seductive, artist, diplomat, pacifist, indecisive.
Learning: Decision making.
Positive points: Diplomacy, kindness, cooperation, sociability.
Negative Points: Indecisiveness, dependence, dishonest, complacent, indulgent.

Libra Mantra: “I accept that confrontations are necessary. I can say no without losing the affection of the people around me.”

Air sign, ruled by Venus. Libra is the sign of beauty and love, of union and relationships with others. It is noted for its intuition, sensitivity, people skills, peace and its high sense of justice.

Being represented by the scales, Libra reflects a great need to seek balance in all areas of his life. He usually tries to weigh the pros and cons in all situations in order to reach fair and balanced conclusions.

Libra is usually a romantic who dreams of an ideal world where there is peace, love, beauty and harmony. Libra is by nature diplomatic, attentive and those born under this sign are often known to be good hosts.

Libra’s karmic challenge is to be open and honest in future relationships so that the needs of both parties can be met equally.


The Pisces Tarot Arcanum is The Moon

The Moon, as a night star, represents the nocturnal, the occult and the mysterious. This card generates restlessness, anguish, fear and doubts about the unknown. But at the same time, it is also the symbol of the feminine principle being synonymous with receptivity, intuition, sensitivity. It invites us to connect with our intuition and our deepest emotions in moments of doubt and insecurity in order to connect with our deepest self and find the answer.


The 3 gems for Pisces

Aquamarine, legend has it that the aquamarine originated in the mermaids’ chest. Sailors carried this stone to avoid losing their way in the tenebrity of the ocean and as a symbol of luck. This stone is related to its element and to the flow of life of the Pisces. In order not to get lost in the depths of their sea, an indecisive or emotionally charged Pisces can wear an Aquamarine as a symbol of unblocking and reaffirming their true desires. A reminder to reinforce their well-being and optimism and not to drown in their innermost feelings.

Agate blue lace or blue lace, great understanding and empathetic which leads Pisces to socialize more than well. They know how to put themselves in the situation of others and even feel the problems of others as their own. This sincere facet, as far as feelings are concerned, is a great virtue, but it also leads them to carry a backpack sometimes too heavy. Agate helps this mental calm and analytical ability to establish healthy boundaries and not be absorbed by their emotional side, prioritizing this bond and link on themselves.

Sodalite is the gem of drive and confidence, which will move them not to assume and to bring out their true inner voice. Somewhat fickle because of its flexible nature like water, this stone will be that reminder that will help them to mark their path.

Exercises to work on this sign:

  • Engage in activities that connect you with the material plane: pottery, gardening, carpentry…
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs that stimulate escapist behaviors.
  • Make decisions without hesitation.
  • Commit yourself and do not run away from commitment.
  • In front of the emotions of others, be a mirror and not a sponge.
Compatibilidad signos

Compatibility with Pisces

To see the compatibility between two people is not only important the sun sign (horoscope) but many other elements of a birth chart. The most advisable is to make a synastry of the people involved. However, we leave you below the general features of compatibility with the sign Pisces.

Pisces with Aries: Combination that, in its best expression, allows the strengthening of the spirit. Pisces can teach Aries to dissolve his ego. Aries can teach Pisces to be courageous, self-assertive and self-confident.

Pisces with Taurus: Calm, tender and gentle combination. Pisces can teach Taurus to be flexible and relate to the intangible. Taurus can teach Pisces to be practical and realistic.

Pisces with Gemini: Sensitively emotional combination. It is suggested to make a special effort to act. Pisces can teach Gemini to imagine. Gemini can teach Pisces to intellectualize.

Pisces with Cancer: Can be a sensitive, loving, psychic combination. Attention needs to be paid to the practical affairs of life. Pisces can teach Cancer to spiritualize their emotions. Cancer can teach Pisces to trust their attitudes and emotions more.

Pisces with Leo: Emotionally magical combination. Pisces can teach Leo to relate to their intuitive nature. Leo can teach Pisces not to doubt himself.

Pisces with Virgo: Complementary combination of sensitivity and mutual service. Pisces can teach Virgo to be less analytical, imagine and dream. Virgo can teach Pisces to pay attention to more practical and earthly matters.

Pisces with Libra: Romantic and sentimental combination as long as they pay attention when it comes to making decisions. Pisces can teach Libra to relate more to their spirit. Libra can teach Pisces to be more objective and balanced in their attitudes.

Pisces with Scorpio: Loving and passionate combination. Pisces can teach Scorpio to be more subtle and romantic, and less passionate. Scorpio can teach Pisces to compromise and confront their own emotions.

Pisces with Sagittarius: Combination of mutual fascination but requires special attention in the area of definition and commitment. Pisces can teach Sagittarius to be more sensitive and romantic. Sagittarius can teach enthusiasm and confidence.

Pisces with Capricorn: Stably loving combination. Pisces can teach Capricorn to relate to their sensitivity. Capricorn can teach Pisces to be practical and self-confident.

Pisces with Aquarius: Inspiring combination. Pisces can teach Aquarius to have faith without reason being involved. Aquarius can teach Pisces to relate to an ideal.

Pisces with Pisces: Romantic and spiritual combination, with expressions of mutual understanding and possible romantic idealizations.














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