(July 23 - August 22)

Element: Fire
Modality: Fixed
Polarity: Masculine – Positive
Symbol: The lion. Represents nobility, courage, dignity, strength, effect and creativity.
Ruling Planet: Sun
Keywords: Proud, stubborn, generous, artist, creative, leader.
Learning: Humility.
Positive Points: Ambitious, affectionate, warm, optimistic, creative, vitality, leadership, security, generous, loyalty.
Negative Points: Intolerant, demanding, domineering, self-centered, inflexible, arrogant, cruel, conceited, pompous and aggressive.
Leo Mantra: “I am valuable even if no one tells me so or shows me so. I respect other people’s lives. It is safe for me to allow others to take center stage. I respect the way other people do things.

Leo people usually remain confident and proud of themselves, as a sign, they have internalized all the strength and light of Fire and that allows them to be honest, noble and dignified. Being the zodiacal domicile of the Sun, those born under this sign have so much luminosity that wherever they go, they are usually the center of attention. Their only concern is not to disappoint the expectations placed on them.

Leo’s trust in their magnanimity and therefore hope at some point in their lives to be able to demonstrate their leadership qualities. They have an enormous need to create and to make their works last. They need their light to be appreciated. They put their pride and ambition into what they do and feel good when they receive praise. Leo people usually like to have a touch of spectacular personality and love to be the center of attention. They are courageous but also sensitive and hardly show in public that they have been hurt. One of the most remarkable characteristics of this sign is that they are affectionate and want to give the best to the people they love.

Leo’s karmic challenge is to have power over themselves rather than dominate others.

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The Arcanum of the Tarot of Leo is The Force

The force is synonymous with problems or conflicting situations that are constantly presented to us in life. The girl and the lion represent the opposition of two forces that harmonize to control the situation. It is the balance between the animal part and the human part, the instincts and the reason. And it shows us that we all have within us the ability to control, dominate and resolve difficult situations. This card invites us to make use of our inner strength, intelligence, diplomacy and left hand to solve any problem that may arise.

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The 3 gems for Leo

Citrine is the gem of desire, abundance and prosperity. Associated with the power of the Sun, it is a star stone for the Leo, which directs them to the right path in their goals, remembering that it is precisely when we open ourselves to love in our works and in our thinking, without obsessing too much on a result, when the real magic arises.

Sun Stone, is presented as the Gem of light and personal power. This gemstone enhances the qualities of Leo. It ignites passion, strengthening your self-confidence and optimism, illuminating your path.

Tiger Eye, the right use of energy, and balancing your character and energy are some of the qualities provided by Tiger Eye, perfect for the more indecisive Leo. This gemstone is also linked to luck and prosperity and is very suitable for your ambitions, focusing on complex situations with perspective.

Exercises to work on this sign:

  • Do not boast.
  • Practice humility and generosity.
  • Be flexible. Accept other people’s ideas. Happily obey the orders of someone you consider less intelligent than you.
  • Next time you go to a meeting, try to be inconspicuous.
  • Do not boast.
  • Practice humility and generosity.
  • Be flexible. Accept other people’s ideas. Happily obey the orders of someone you consider less intelligent than you.
  • Next time you go to a meeting, try to be inconspicuous.
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Leo compatibility

To see the compatibility between two people is not only important the sun sign (horoscope) but many other elements of a birth chart. The most advisable is to make a synastry of the people involved. However, we leave you below the general features of compatibility with the Leo sign.

Leo with Aries: Enthusiastic combination if each sign is respectfully allowed to express itself in its maximum freedom. Leo can teach Aries to be generous and considerate of others. Aries can teach Leo to assert itself without the need for recognition.

Leo with Taurus: Creative and productive combination. Leo can teach Taurus to put more fun and less obsession into life. Taurus can teach Leo to be practical and persevere in what they do.

Leo with Gemini: Fun combination. Leo can teach Gemini to be consistent and determined. Gemini can teach Leo to be flexible and take things less seriously.

Leo with Cancer: Combination of emotional warmth, giving and receiving. Leo can teach Cancer to be self-confident. Cancer can teach Leo to be with themselves.

Leo with Leo: Sensational and affectionate combination, as long as both allow each other their own space to shine.

Leo with Virgo: Combination of generosity and service at its best. Leo can teach Virgo to shine on their own. Virgo can teach Leo to be humble and be of service to others.

Leo with Libra: Socially fun combination. Leo can teach Libra to be confident and self-assured. Libra can teach Leo to share with others and to relate as equals.

Leo with Scorpio: Intense and dramatic combination. Leo can teach Scorpio to not hold grudges and to be spontaneous. Scorpio can teach Leo to be deep and discreet.

Leo with Sagittarius: Enthusiastic and fun combination. Leo can teach Sagittarius to be self-expressive and committed. Sagittarius can teach Leo to open his mind and go in search of the truth.

Leo with Capricorn: Proudly practical combination, as long as there is tolerance and respect for the other’s point of view. Leo can teach Capricorn to have fun and make decisions more spontaneously. Capricorn can teach Leo to be moderate and prudent.

Leo with Aquarius: Combination of polar opposites that can complement each other. Leo can teach Aquarius to be warm. Aquarius can teach Leo to be more humanistic and less individualistic.

Leo with Pisces: Emotionally fascinating combination. Leo can teach Pisces not to doubt himself. Pisces can teach Leo to relate to his intuitive nature.














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