(June 22 - July 21/22)

Element: Water
Modality: Cardinal
Polarity: Feminine – Negative
Symbol: The crab. Represents the emotional highs and lows that move like the crab and finally, when they don’t know what to do, they hide in the sand.
Ruling Planet: Moon
Keywords: Intuitive, conservative, sentimental, protective, sensitive.
Learning: Discernment
Positive Points: Conscientious, compassionate, industrious, sociable and protective.
Cancer Mantra: “It’s safe for my emotional self. I accept my vulnerability and it makes me stronger. I forget the past and live in the present. I forgive those who have hurt me. It is safe for me to express my emotions. It is safe for me to face the world.”

Cancer is a fruitful, creative sign and is linked to the family. Cancer water is like the spring that gushes forth and begins to flow, and the emotional flow it represents is centered on the importance of its origins: place of birth, traditions, family heritage….

The Cancerian personality is full of affective feelings. When sensitivity penetrates the crab’s shell and reaches its soft center, we find a tender, soft and affectionate person. But at times when he feels vulnerable, he seeks a shell to protect him and closes himself in his hole. Therefore, for the Cancer person it is necessary to have a home or nest that is a source of comfort, security and peace for his retreat and protection.

The mood of Cancer is changeable, like the phases of the moon, its ruler. In the face of these changes, the need for emotional security is greater. Those born under this sign have an excellent memory, it is the sign characterized by memory. Cancers have a tendency to surround themselves with objects of sentimental value and it is common for them to value everything that reminds them of their past, especially their childhood and their roots. Cancers prefer the home life and feeling “needed” can be important to them.

Cancer’s karmic challenge is to find a way to take care of themselves instead of relying on the emotional support of others.


The Arcanum of the Tarot of Cancer is The Chariot

The Chariot is the first mobility card in the Major Arcana. It is synonymous with movement, progress, youth and displacement. It is the card par excellence for all those situations in life in which we need to move forward. And for this, as the card shows, it is necessary to learn to control everything in the same direction to achieve success: mind, body and soul towards the same thing. This card invites us to take the reins of our lives and move forward.


The 3 gems for Cancer

Moonstone, Cancer is the most sensitive zodiac sign among those of the water element, with emotions to the surface. Ruled by the Moon, it endows them with great intuition and inspiration if they let themselves be carried away by their own inner nature, that which does not need to look to see or listen to hear. The Moonstone is the gemstone that symbolizes cycles and changes, similar to the Moon, which waxes and wanes. It works as an emotional stabilizer and empowers intuition, which invites this sign to discover other dimensions to connect and understand its deeper self.

Rhodonite, nurtures confidence, self-esteem, personal drive. It works on the thought of feeling sometimes little understood, learning to lose the fear of their own obscurities and enriching themselves from the place where their true power in themselves comes from.

Rose Quartz, Cancers are great romantics and Rose Quartz is the gemstone of balance and love. It works on the ups and downs, it is another stabilizing and emotionally liberating gemstone, it provides positivity and energy.

Exercises to work on this sign:

  • Every time you feel that someone hurts you emotionally, I dissolve my need for X to respond to my emotional needs’.
  • Every time you feel the need to lock yourself in your shell, confront people and express what you feel.
  • Whenever you feel the need to lock yourself in your house, go outside and talk to someone.
  • Recognize what things give you emotional security and what things you depend on and get rid of them.
  • Constantly observe what specific situations provoke your emotional ups and downs.
Compatibilidad signos

Cancer compatibility

To see the compatibility between two people is not only important the sun sign (horoscope) but many other elements of a birth chart. The most advisable is to make a synastry of the people involved. However, we leave you below the general features of compatibility with the Cancer sign.

Cancer with Aries: Intensely emotional combination. Cancer can teach Aries to listen to their heart. Aries can teach Cancer to look forward and not get stuck in the past.

Cancer with Taurus: Emotionally secure and nurturing combination. Cancer can teach Taurus to be sensitive. Taurus can teach Cancer to be sensual.

Cancer with Gemini: Temperamental combination because of their different way of perceiving reality. Cancer can teach Gemini to feel and recognize their own emotions. Gemini can teach Cancer to intellectualize their feelings and react from reason.

Cancer with Cancer: Combination of emotional bonding, mutual support and nurturing.

Cancer with Leo: Combination of emotional warmth, giving and receiving. Cancer can teach Leo to be with themselves without needing the approval of others. Leo can teach Cancer to be self-assured and self-confident.

Cancer with Virgo: Practically flattering combination. Cancer can teach Virgo to be emotionally receptive. Virgo can teach Cancer to be analytical and have the ability to discern.

Cancer with Libra: Combination of considerations and loving exchanges. Cancer can teach Libra to recognize and get to the bottom of their emotions. Libra can teach Cancer to objectively observe their emotions.

Cancer with Scorpio: Combination of intensity and depth. Cancer can teach Scorpio to soften its intensity. Scorpio can teach Cancer to overcome their insecurities and transform their emotions.

Cancer with Sagittarius: Combination of learning and patience. Cancer can teach Sagittarius to find and establish their roots. Sagittarius can teach Cancer to be optimistic, go deeper and gain perspective.

Cancer with Capricorn: Complementary combination of security and emotional stability. Cancer can teach Capricorn to recognize and express their feelings. Capricorn can teach Cancer to be realistic and pragmatic.

Cancer with Aquarius: Combination that requires care, as Aquarius may seem emotionally cold to a Cancer, and a Cancer too emotional for Aquarius. Cancer can teach Aquarius to use the heart. Conversely, Aquarius can teach Cancer to use the head.

Cancer with Pisces: Sensitive, loving and psychic combination. It is suggested to pay attention to the practical matters of life. Cancer can teach Pisces to trust their attitudes and emotions more. Pisces can teach Cancer to spiritualize their emotions.














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