(March 21 - April 20)

Element: Fire
Modality: Cardinal
Polarity: Masculine – Positive
Symbol: The ram that clears the way with its horns to guide its herd.
Ruling Planet: Mars
Key words: Impulsive, passionate, fighter, enthusiast, optimist, leader, entrepreneur.
Learning: Patience. Finding individual identity.
Positive Points: Inspired, courageous, enthusiastic, original, leader and independent.
Negative Points: Impulsive, rebellious, impatient, aggressive, foolish and selfish.
Aries Mantra: “It is safe for me to be practical. I quietly accept that things will work out when they have to. It is safe for me to cooperate with others. It is safe for me to let others go first.”

Aries is considered the first sign of the Zodiac. In analogy with this annual rebirth of the Sun, Aries symbolizes a new beginning, the birth of a being and of new and fiery energy that asserts its presence in this world. Aries differs from the other signs by its impetus, by its drive to go ever more forward, by its vehement activity.

The Aries personality is distinguished because it likes to take the initiative, it is the pioneer who defiantly sets out on an adventure regardless of the risks. Aries tries to avoid all kinds of tasks that may seem boring. Those born under this sign need to prove themselves constantly and always want to be the first in everything. They are initiators by nature, they have a great creative energy that is not satisfied with just intellectualizing their ideas, but feel the need to act on them and carry them out. They are impatient to the point of losing the practical sense of things and wanting to act rather than think, which is why they are known for their impulsiveness and restlessness. They are not interested in the approval of others as long as they let them do it and nothing is demanded of them.

The Aries karmic challenge is to lead without oppressing and to be self-aware and self-absorbed.


The Aries Tarot Arcanum is The Emperor

The Emperor is associated with the number IV, synonymous with stability, order, structure, and practicality. It symbolizes that figure with command capacity that organizes, puts order, and establishes limits. In a reading it usually represents self-confident characters, with power or authority, the father or the boss.


The 3 gems for Aries

Red Jasper, Aries are energetic people, who love impulsive challenges, leaders with ambition and marked goals. They feel great confidence in themselves and their abilities. Their Gemstone is the Red Jasper of intense reddish colors that emanate vitality and strength. This gemstone helps them to keep their feet on the ground, stimulating energy in a proportional way and helping in decision making.

Carnelian protects the wearer from all forms of negativity. It restores vitality and motivation, and aids in successful decision making. Opens and activates the Sacral Chakra. Stabilizes emotional imbalances, accentuates your leadership ability and dispels inner fears and insecurities.

Tiger Eye, also associated with this sign for being gems of self-love, correct use of energy and strength to achieve goals. Provides good luck and brings prosperity often in the form of money. Strengthens self-confidence and a positive outlook on life.

Exercises to work on this sign:

  • Stay in bed for a whole day without doing anything, rest.
  • Be patient when you are performing an activity with someone you consider slower than you.
  • Be patient in activities where you are dependent on someone else.
  • Engage in a game and let yourself win.
  • Let things not go your way.
Compatibilidad signos

Aries compatibility

To see the compatibility between two people is not only important the sun sign (horoscope) but many other elements of a birth chart. The most advisable is to make a synastry of the people involved. However, we leave you below the general features of compatibility with the sign Aries.

Aries with Aries: Combination of fire and intensity of movement. At its best, this compatibility can unite and enhance the efforts of both to achieve a common goal or accomplishment, as long as enough space is left for both to feel successful.

Aries with Taurus: Combination of enthusiasm and drive to get things done. Aries can bring Taurus enthusiasm and spontaneity in the way they act. Taurus can teach Aries to be persistent and to finish what they have started.

Aries with Gemini: Combination of enthusiasm and variety. Aries can teach Gemini to make decisions and define a purpose. Gemini can teach Aries to appreciate different ways of perceiving life.

Aries with Cancer: Intensely emotional combination. Aries can teach Cancer to look forward and turn the page. Cancer can teach Aries to listen to their feelings.

Aries with Leo: Combination of active enthusiasm in which if each sign is respectfully allowed to express itself fully, considerable goals can be achieved. Aries can teach Leo to assert himself without the need for recognition. Leo can teach Aries to be generous and considerate of others.

Aries with Virgo: Efficiently active combination. Aries can teach Virgo to act with determination. Virgo can teach Aries to be patient and analytical.

Aries with Libra: Complementary combination. Aries can teach Libra to think of himself and assert himself. Libra can show Aries to think of others and take them into account.
Aries with Scorpio: Lively and passionate combination. Aries can teach Scorpio to detach from whatever holds them back. Scorpio can teach Aries to be passionately committed to what they do.

Aries with Sagittarius: Combination of enthusiasm. Aries can teach Sagittarius to take control. Sagittarius can teach Aries to act more for pleasure and less for personal relevance.

Aries with Capricorn: Combination actively practical. Aries can teach Capricorn to take risks. Capricorn can teach Aries to take firm steps, preserve and transcend obstacles.

Aries with Aquarius: Combination of action and enthusiasm. Aries can push Aquarius to carry out their ideas. Aquarius can teach Aries to be less selfish.

Aries with Pisces: It is a combination that at its best allows for the strengthening of the spirit. Aries can teach Pisces to be courageous, as well as self-assertive and confident. Pisces can teach Aries to dissolve his ego.

Referencias: Información general de los signos (La Biblia de la Astrología – Judy Hall) y (Astrología y Transformación – Julia Palacios)

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