(January 21 - February 19)

Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Polarity: Masculine – Positive
Symbol: The water bearer. Represents the water of wisdom that is poured out to all humanity.
Ruling Planet: Saturn and Uranus
Keywords: Radical, innovative, idealistic, enigmatic, eccentric, unpredictable.
Learning: Emotionally involved.
Positive Points: Original, intuitive, friendly, broad-minded, humanistic, independent.
Negative Points: Detached, unpredictable, reckless, rebellious and eccentric.

Aquarius Mantra: “I express my emotions freely. I respect my own originality. I feel safe to compromise without fear of losing my freedom. It is safe for me to accept the point of view of others. I do not need to impose my originality on others.”

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign, motivated by social consciousness. Those born under this sign understand what the world will need twenty years from now and begin to bring about change now. Without Aquarius there would be no evolution.

The manifestation of his personality varies according to his main ruler, Saturn or Uranus. Informal and idealistic, capricious and perverse, unpredictable and chaotic, genius and misfit at the same time. Their own freedom is of paramount importance. They are independent in character and prefer to be autonomous rather than subordinate to others.

Aquarians are distinguished by their enthusiasm for all that is new, attracted by the latest scientific and technological discoveries, as well as by social and cultural proposals. They have a very clear social conscience that allows them to connect and be more sensitive to the problems that affect all humanity than to those of an individualistic nature.

The karmic challenge of Aquarius is to keep the best of the past, abandon the rest and evolve in a flexible way.


The Tarot Arcanum of Aquarius is The Star

The Star brings with it new illusions and projects. It presents a new dawn, a new beginning or rebirth. This card gives us hope and faith in the future. It speaks of the naturalness and purity with which you will face life. The Star Sirius shines above the others, endowing this card with light, illusion, harmony and love. It reminds us that everything is changeable, nothing is eternal so there is always hope. The beauty and personal beauty and protection are present in it. This card brings peace to the soul, faith in the future and protects in all aspects.


The 3 gems for Aquarius

Amethyst, this is the gem of the dreamlike, of magic and mysticism, which enhances the qualities of the Acurio. Amethyst is linked to the Third Eye Chakra, with inspiration and intellect. It connects the mind with the soul and intensifies a vivid imagination and originality. This Gemstone invites calm and relaxation of a sometimes ‘busy’ mind.

Fluorite, Gemstone linked with the air element, with the connection to spirituality and intuition. Aquarius is represented by a water spout, a symbol of wisdom and flow. Fluorite comes from the Latin fluere, it is the gem of flowing that opens doors to your mind. But also of allowing to flow and flow properly in your relationships with a tendency to independence and little conformism, as well as idealism that can later lead to disappointments.

Turquoise, the Gem of truth and adventure, used in ancient times as a talisman of protection. The blue coloring of Turquoise is linked to the Throat Chakra, with communication. For an Aquarius who likes to shut himself in his thoughts and in his particular world, and can be labeled as frivolous or eccentric, it is a stone that invites him to communication and expression of his feelings.

Exercises to work on this sign:

  • Don’t pretend you are different.
  • For one day think that you are exactly the same as everyone else.
  • Reflect and write down where your true freedom lies.
  • Give physical signs of affection to the person you love.
  • Find someone who has a totally different idea from what you believe and experiment with accepting their opinion and commit to it.
Compatibilidad signos

Aquarius Compatibility

To see the compatibility between two people is not only important the sun sign (horoscope) but many other elements of a birth chart. The most advisable is to make a synastry of the people involved. However, we leave you below the general features of compatibility with the Aquarius sign.

Aquarius with Aries: Combination of action and enthusiasm. Aquarius can teach Aries to be generous. Aries can teach Aquarius to put their ideas into action.

Aquarius with Taurus: May require attention because of Aquarius’ need to be free and Taurus’ need to be possessive. Aquarius can teach Taurus to be detached. Taurus can teach Aquarius to put their ideas into practice.

Aquarius with Gemini: Highly intellectual and sociable combination. Aquarius can teach Gemini to put determination into their ideas. Gemini can teach Aquarius to be versatile in their thinking.

Aquarius with Cancer: Combination that requires care, as Aquarius may seem emotionally cold to a Cancer. Aquarius can teach Cancer to use their head. Cancer can teach Aquarius to use the heart.

Aquarius with Leo: A complementary but polar opposite combination. Aquarius can teach Leo to have a humanistic sense. Leo can teach Aquarius to be warm and individual.

Aquarius with Virgo: Combination that requires care, because of Aquarius’ tendency to be anarchic and Virgo’s tendency to classify. Aquarius can teach Virgo to look at life with new options. Virgo can teach Aquarius to organize his or her mind.

Aquarius with Libra: Favorable combination for social and group activities with shared interests. Aquarius can teach Libra to have impersonal relationships. Libra can teach Aquarius to have face-to-face relationships.

Aquarius with Scorpio: Combination that requires care not to try to impose one’s views or emotions on the other. Aquarius can teach Scorpio to respect the freedom of the other. Scorpio can teach Aquarius to compromise emotionally.

Aquarius with Sagittarius: Combination of free spirits. Aquarius can teach Sagittarius to put their goals at the service of humanity. Sagittarius can teach Aquarius to have an expanded view of reality.

Aquarius with Capricorn: Combination that can bring mutual growth. Aquarius can teach Capricorn to break away from its limitations. Capricorn can teach Aquarius to set limits.

Aquarius with Aquarius: Combination of independent spirits who at best share similar views and respect their individualities.

Aquarius with Pisces: Combination of much inspiration. Aquarius can teach Pisces to relate to an ideal. Pisces can teach Aquarius to have faith without reason getting in the way.














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