The Moon



  • Orbital cycle: Approximately 27/28 days
  • Retrograde cycle: Not applicable. The Moon is always direct in motion. 
  • Qualities: Yin energy
  • Key words: Emotional reaction/response, fluctuation, inner life, habitual response patterns.
  • Represents: Femininity, womanhood, motherhood, the past, origin, inheritance and the subconscious.
  • The expression: Where we feel and experience our emotions. Memory, past, habits and conditioning. Responsible for everyday actions that do not require conscious thoughts.
  • psychology : Our unconscious nature, feminine archetypes, feeling.
  • Impulse: Feeling inner emotional support and nurturing. To be comforted.
  • Need: Emotional tranquility and sense of belonging.
  • Address: Cancer
  • Symbols: Women, the public, the mother, the change.

Key questions: What kind of experiences are most essential to my happiness? When bad moods and irrationality invade me, how do I express them? What unconscious emotional needs motivate my behavior?

The Moon represents the reaction, una passive, mysterious and hidden energy. It is the star par excellence of the emotions, feelings, intuition, empathy and fluctuation. . It also reflects ourfears and insecurities. It is the star of the unconscious, of the inner and most sensitive part of each one of us. 

The myths associated with the Moon (which rules the sign Cancer) tend to show her as feminine and beautiful, but often as a cruel seductress. In both myth and astrology she is associated with natural childbirth. She encourages natural and instinctive personality behavior. 

There is a close relationship with the emotions and with the digestive system. The Moon can make one patient, or changeable and narrow-minded or imaginative, sympathetic, or perhaps unreliable.

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The Moon










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