• Orbital cycle: 688 days (One year, eleven months)
  • Retrograde cycle: Retrograde for about 2 and a half months, every two years.
  • Qualities: Yang energy.
  • Key words: Energy, enthusiasm, sexual passion, life force, activation.
  • Represents: Our ability to act on our desires. The ability to remain who we are in the face of pressure to change, to maintain our true nature in the face of threats.
  • The expression: Direct, forceful. How we go after what we want and how we defend ourselves from threats. Fight and flight instincts.
  • Psychology: Aggression and self-assertion.
  • Impulse: Act. Expand energy in a focused way.
  • Need: Surviving and challenging.
  • Address: Aries, Scorpio
  • Symbols: Surgeons, metalworkers, butchers, policemen, soldiers, men, brothers.

Key questions: What battles should I face? Where should I be more assertive if I don’t want to suffer useless conflicts and fights? How can I sharpen my will? How can I express my aggressiveness?

The association astrology of the planet Mars is with Aries and with the sign of Scorpio. Mars (or Ares, known as the god of fighting and warfare) is related to the male side of the nature of the persons, with the muscular system, the sexual passion, life force and aggressiveness.. Mars is energetic, vital and passionate. It can make one aggressive at the same time that it decisive; rash and rough while positive and energetic.  Its inner fire leads us to immediate action that allows us to make it all happen.

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