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I discovered Astrology as a tool for my personal development and I love to share this knowledge. 35 years of experience.

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Español | Português | English

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Astrology | Birth chart | Solar Return
The awareness that we are particles of the Cosmos fascinates me … It is a privilege that inspires me to observe, investigate and experience every moment from innocence … So I dedicate my life to integrate consciousness and intelligence into what I experience, since life is alive and everything is possible …

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Astrology | Birth chart | Solar Return
I’m a Taurus Sun, Pisces Rising + Virgo Moon. I use my intuitive + healing gifts to help you discover your soul story + limitlessness. I’m an empathetic listener, with a background in personal development coaching. A lot can come up in astrology readings + my approach empowers you with information about your truest self. I guide you to the answers that are already within you. The more you know yourself fully, the more fully you can love yourself. This is my goal for each of my clients. My readings begin with a meditation and card pull to set the intention for our session. I believe that the first step to receiving what our birth charts have to offer us is to be mindful of our energy. Being present, open + grounded will help you + I connect in a trusting + comfortable manner. Astrology is one of many Spiritual tools connecting us with the Universe + it is my joy to share it.

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What is Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient discipline that studies the position and movements of stars and the relationship between them and what happens on Earth. It is considered that the positions of the planets relative to the time and place of birth of a person have a correspondence with the life tendency of that individual.

Therefore, the study of it helps us to become more aware of our energies and possibilities for growth. Astrology serves as a tool for evolution and self-knowledge.

When we hear about astrology, most people associate it only with the horoscope. However, it is a much richer, broader and deeper discipline that has several aspects: natal astrology, predictive astrology, karmic astrology, synastry, among many others.

“Our psyche is formed in harmony with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm happens equally in the infinitesimal and most subjective corners of the psyche.” – Memories, dreams, thoughts. C.G. Jung


What are the benefits of Astrology?

It helps you to know yourself better and know what your nature is, to respect it, and to enhance it.

It gives you greater awareness of your abilities and potential.

It allows you to broaden your view of the world and makes you more empathetic towards yourself and others.

It brings you greater understanding of your life purpose and your personal motivation.


Understanding one’s character and human potential.

Help and guidance in life.

How to develop your potential through birth chart knowledge.

Study of possibilities or search for a means of support in a crisis situation.

Some techniques

Birth Chart

Map of the heavens at the time of a person’s birth.  The natal chart reflects an individual’s unique personality and behavioral tendencies.


“Gathering stars”. Comparison of two or more birth charts to analyze the relationships between them.  Allows to identify areas of compatibility and possible difficulties between the compared individuals in order to enhance the relationship between them. 

Solar Revolution

Astrological chart calculated for the moment when the Sun returns to the same natal position, completing its annual cycle. Its use helps to understand what learnings and changes you will have during that specific year in order to take advantage of its potential. 

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