Astrology combined with Tarot with Sophie

I use the information given by your astrological birth chart (calculated thanks to your date, place and time of birth) and the information given by the chart reading that we will do together during our appointment to give you precise keys of understanding about a specific situation or in a general field. These keys of understanding will help you to become aware of the challenges and opportunities in your life and to respond to them while respecting your true nature and your personal balance as much as possible.


60 mins

Web conference details are provided in the confirmation.

About Sophie...

Humanistic astrologer and writer, graduated from the institute of psychological and humanistic astrology Cosmograma (Barcelona) and from Rafa Cañete’s training (classical astrology). I have published a book and 68 charts, The Oracle of the astrological energies Ed. Grancher/Piktos (France, 2022) which will be published soon in Spanish. I organize workshops, participate in retreats and offer private consultations for the last 10 years.

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