Astrological Transits

The astrological transits session is focused on looking at specific issues or questions that are troubling. 


60 min

Web conference details are provided in the confirmation.

About Kinicha da Costa...

Astrologer and Neurolinguist

The awareness that we are particles of the Cosmos fascinates me…

It is a privilege that inspires me to observe, investigate and experience every moment from innocence… So I decide in my life to integrate consciousness and intelligence into what I experience, since life is alive and everything is possible…

I am 58 years of life and I have 40 years of profession.

I was born in Brazil, where I was Co-founder of the Aquarian School, which was dedicated to the Training of Astrology, Tarot and Mythology, in addition to individual sessions, Retreats, TV and radio programs, etc.

Coursed a Master 

Then, already in Ibiza – Spain, I have extended my technique to sessions and online courses, an activity that I continue to this day, only, from London – UK, the Land of my Soul …

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