Astrological Tarot spread: reading of the 12 astrological houses

by Alejandra, Astrologer and Tarotist at miistico

The astrological Tarot spread is one of the most used to get an overview of the different areas or aspects of the querent’s life. In this article I explain the tarot reading of the 12 astrological houses and the meaning of each of these houses in the spread.

Talking about the twelve astrological houses and the Tarot reading based on them in brief is quite a challenge. There are entire books dedicated to this subject, and among them it is worth mentioning Dane Rudhyard’s book, The Twelve Astrological Houses. It is an excellent material of the great astrologer precursor of humanistic astrology.

Tirada astrológica de Tarot

What are the 12 astrological houses?

In Astrology, every birth chart is divided into 12 astrological houses, each numbered from 1 to 12, but how are the houses defined or what do they mean in astrology?

The astrological houses are areas of our life. They represent the “where” the planetary energy is expressed there, either in the natal chart, sky chart at the moment of birth, or by transit, that is, when the planets in their movement in the sky aspect a certain area of our chart, giving the particular tone to that area of our life at a given moment.

The 12 astrological houses represent, therefore, practically all life situations and parts of our personality. Therefore, this astrological Tarot reading provides a broad overview of our vital moment at the time of the consultation.

How is the reading of the 12 astrological houses performed?

In practice, the cards are placed in the form of a wheel and a major arcane is placed in each house.

The major arcana in the Tarot are 22 cards with a very deep, archetypal meaning. In other words, they represent characters, situations, and very profound symbols that, according to Jungian psychology, concern all of humanity. These archetypes are inscribed in the collective unconscious shared by all human beings.

A card is placed for each astrological house, being the consultant the one who chooses it and thus participating in the reading. Once distributed, the meaning is applied to that particular house, and the interpretation is made.

On those areas or houses that most interest the querent, it is expanded by adding minor arcana, which give us “details” about the main energy of which the major arcane in question speaks.

Like all the readings I do, the information is bidirectional, that is to say, the richness of the information is given by the participation of the person who consults.

It is not a “divination” system, but a real map of the unconscious that unfolds so that we can take advantage of this data and help us to improve as people and make better decisions. It is a kind of compass with which to orient ourselves in the sea of life.

In temporal terms, as always in the Tarot, it is difficult to establish, but there is some consensus that it covers about 6 months forward. In any case, here I want to point out that they do not determine what may happen. Precisely the value of this reading is to help you use your will, your free will in a certain situation or aspect of yourself in order to improve it in case it is not to your liking, or to enhance it if it is an aspect with which you feel identified.

The key words of each astrological house

  • House I: house one represents the SELF, how I perceive myself, identity and childhood.
  • House II: house two symbolizes resources, possessions, values, and self-esteem.
  • House III: house three reflects communication, thought, short journeys, and siblings.
  • House IV: house four represents home, family, parents, and roots.
  • House V: house five is the house of creativity, fun, children, adventures, and hobbies.
  • House VI: the sixth house symbolizes work, health, routines, and the body.
  • House VII: the seventh house is the NOT ME. It reflects associations, partners, associates, and collaborators.
  • House VIII: the eighth house is the house of sexuality, the resources of others, shared values, and transformation.
  • House IX: the ninth house symbolizes the belief system, higher studies, long journeys, and religion.
  • House X: the tenth house is the house of profession, social status, success, and vocation.
  • House XI: the eleventh house reflects belonging groups, social ideas, and friendships.
  • House XII: the twelfth house is the house of the unconscious, Karma, the shadow and the visible.

I invite you to experience this complete and profound reading. The astrological Tarot reading will provide you with a lot of information and will help you to focus, make decisions, face the vital challenge in the best possible way.

With love,

Alejandra from Miistico



I invite you to experience this complete and profound reading. The astrological Tarot reading will provide you with a lot of information and will help you to focus, make decisions, face the vital challenge in the best possible way.

With love,

Alejandra from Miistico

I am Alejandra, Astrologer and Tarotist.

“I have been working for more than 30 years with body, psychocorporal, energetic therapies, and in recent years Tarot consultations, Astrotarot, which often become counseling processes (psychological counseling). She has given courses in Reflexology, Massage, Initiation to astrology, Stress management”.


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