Astrological Calendar September 2022

Calendario Astrológico Septiembre 2022

Astrological Calendar September 2022

Venus in Virgo - September 5:

Venus, the planet of love enters the sign of Virgo. It is time to focus on health and how to improve your day to day life. You may become more critical and demanding in love and personal relationships.

Full Moon in Pisces - September 10:

It is an ideal time to leave behind everything that no longer serves us and perform rituals of energetic cleansing and detachment.

La Full Moon of the month of September is called the Harvest Moon, in the sign of Piscis. The guiding principle of this sign is “I feel, I love”. This moon invites you to awaken your imagination and creativity, to connect with your intuition and express your feelings.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra - September 10:

Mercury, the planet of communication enters retrograde in Libra. During this period we may experience limitations in communication, expression of ideas, causing delays and misunderstandings. It is a process that allows us to evolve and reevaluate the way we communicate and exchange thoughts. Reviewing relationships, people from the past and returning to situations experienced will be common.

Sun in Libra/Equinoctial - September 22:

With the entry of the Sun in Libra and the Equinox, is an ideal day to perform rituals, launches, sign contracts or make moves. This is the month for relationships and for improving relationships. Take advantage of this energy and be careful with wanting to please everyone.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo - September 23:

Mercury enters the sign of Virgo again. It’s time to review what you pay attention to and detail, focusing only on the essentials. Reevaluate your work, your daily routines and your health. Beware of tendencies to criticize others and yourself.

New Moon in Libra - September 25:

The New Moon in Libra marks the beginning of a new energetic cycle. This moon favors conciliation and justice, in addition to favoring our personal relationships. It is the perfect time to perform wellness rituals, planting seeds and new goals to fulfill them throughout this month.

Venus in Libra - September 29:

With the entry of Venus in Libra love is in the air! Take advantage of this energy to be more conceited, love and admire yourself more. Connect with your surroundings and loved ones in a kind and harmonious way.

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