Astrological Calendar August 2022

Calendario astrologico agosto

Astrological Calendar August 2022

Mercury in Virgo - August 4:

Mercury, the planet of communication enters into the sign of Virgo. During this period you will pay attention to details and concentrate on the essentials. Try not to criticize or judge yourself. Use this time to analyze and improve, but remember that imperfect things are also beautiful and sometimes fun.

Venus in Leo - August 11:

It’s time to show everything you feel with passion and love without looking back. With Venus in Leo, people will show up more and be more active, attractive, and cocky.

Full Moon in Aquarius - August 12:

The Full Moon of August, in the sign of Aquarius, is also known as Sturgeon Moon. This Moon, synonymous with intellect, revolution and originality, invites you to awaken your enthusiasm for change and new things that come your way. It asks you to detach yourself from your ideals, seeking a new perspective in order to be more objective. It is an ideal time to leave behind everything that no longer serves us and perform rituals of energetic cleansing and detachment.

Give free rein to your originality and vision of the future!

Mars in Gemini - August 20th

With Mars in Géminis, the need to connect and interact increases. Too much interaction and information can lead to burnout, so intelligently find a balance between rest periods and moments to create and generate new ideas.

Sun in Virgo - August 23:

With the entry of the Sun in the sign of Virgo, energy asks us to focus on practical, fundamental and everyday issues. Issues related to health, lifestyle, routine and daily habits become relevant. It is the perfect time to inspect and improve these issues, but without being too critical.

Mercury in Libra - August 26:

Mercury in Libra favors collaborations in any area of our lives: work, family, love…
During this period, communication becomes more pleasant, diplomatic and harmonious.

New Moon in Virgo - August 27:

The New Moon marks the beginning of a new energetic cycle. This moon in the sign of Virgo strengthens practical goals and objectives, focused on health and work. It is the perfect time to perform wellness rituals, plant seeds and new goals to accomplish throughout this month.

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