Asteroids in your Birth Chart

highlight or reinforce certain aspects in our birth chart p so in many cases they can provide valuable information. In this article we will highlight the impact of the most important important asteroids and how they influence ourbirth chart.

What is an asteroid?

The asteroids are planetary bodies, usually rocky and irregular in shape, which are part of the Universe. They are smaller than a planet and larger than a meteor. Most asteroids tend to orbit between Mars and Jupiter (although not all of them, as is the case of Chiron). 

As we know, the planets in our natal chart symbolize archetypes of dimensions of human nature. Similarly, asteroids also represent certain characteristics of our nature which are manifested in a particular way in each individual. 


The most relevant asteroids

The four major asteroids are Ceres, Pallas, Juno y Vesta. These were discovered in the early 19th century, and were named after different Roman goddesses.

Each one of themsymbolizes or represents a different facet of the feminine archetype (or yin energy). These asteroids are anextension of the feminine principle that until now has been represented in our natal chart through Venus and the Moon. Therefore, we could say that they provide us with a more extensive or detailed vision of the feminine archetype. It is also worth mentioning that these four main asteroids could be considered co-regents of Virgo.



Ceres was the first asteroid discobered in 1801. It is named after the Roman goddess of grain and harvest (the goddess of agriculture). As such, it represents productivity, the natural process of fertility, the renovation and the short and repetitive cycles

Ceres in the natal chart represents the process of parenting, as well as motherhood and caring for others. It has been attributed first to the sign of Cancer as co-regent with the Moon and as well as Virgo

A weakened Ceres, due to its position or due to the different planetary aspects in the chart, may indicate difficulties in nurturing or being nurtured by others. This can be manifested in food complexes or in a feeling of rejection by parental figures. When Ceres on the contrary, is strongly placed, it symbolizes the ability to assume parental responsibilities and to have a close relationship with the earth. The position of Ceresby house, signo, and its relationship to otherplanets, also
indicates the way in which maternity
(or paternity) manifests in the life of the individual.



The asteroid Pallas (abbreviation of Pallas Athene) was the second of the four main asteroids discovered in 1802

Pallas represents the wisdom of the female spirit, as indicated by the mythology of Pallas Athena: born from the head of Zeus, represented by the owl and the serpent, Pallas Athena was a powerful symbol of independence, intelligence and wisdom. The astrology of the asteroid Pallas indicates that feminine spirit of independence and cold mental judgmentin the natal chart. It represents the creative use of the mental faculty and wisdom. It is also related to the arts, especially plastic arts such as sculpture and ceramics, in addition to medicinal remedies. Its position by house and sign indicates where in life the divine spark of creative intelligence and inner wisdom can arise.



The asteroid Juno was the third of the four large asteroids discovered in 1805. In mythology Juno was the wife of Jupiter, so Juno represents the energy associated with intimate relationships. This is also the territory of Venus and the Moon. However, Juno seems to differentiate herself in being the representation of the couple’s energy in a new light, such as the more modern questions of where the limits are, how much is appropriate to share, jealousy, envy, authority and projected control over the other person, and intimacy needs in general. When Juno is prominent in a chart, all these kinds of issues are important to the individual. If Juno is aspected by another planet, these issues may be influenced by the energy of the other planet. Juno’s position by house and sign indicates the area of ​​life where these issues will be most important.



The asteroid Vesta was the last of the four major asteroids discovered in 1807. Vesta’s mythology is as follows: One of the sisters of Jupiter and Juno, Vesta chose to remain a virgin and not marry. Known as the goddess of home fire, she represented the principles of hospitality and vitality. 

Its astrological symbol is the flame. Vesta is the brightest asteroid of the four. According to mythology, the asteroid Vesta is related to the signs of Virgo and Scorpio. In the natal chart, Vesta is related to sexuality and integrity towards oneself. Possible associations are the woman (or man) who chooses not a partner, but to be a nun or monk who assumes a higher purpose than normal family life or, it can also be related to the excess of sexuality. When Vesta is prominent in a chart, there may be issues with purity, singleness, and sexuality, either through abstinence or involvement with multiple partners without the need for a relationship beyond sex. Vesta’s placement by house and sign also indicates the area of ​​life where these problems may manifest.


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