5 gems to connect with your past lives

Gems hold messages from the heart of the earth, and are excellent companions that invite us to grow, transform and trust our intuition . They work in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

In therapies such as regression or past life therapy, they function as an anchor throughout the entire process , and a beautiful tangible tool behind him, who will accompany us for life.

We present you our great allies for this wonderful journey that we are going to undertake:

  1. HERKIMER DIAMOND – The guide.

A symbol of vision and spiritual growth , with a naturally doubly terminated shape that redirects energy in both directions. Linked with psychic abilities , as well as an access point to information from past lives.

Let us embrace this gateway hand in hand with these special diamonds, so that they guide us and naturally inspire in this process. 

  1. RUTILATED QUARTZ – Vibrational energy.

The power of Quartz is also known in industry. It is not by chance to find numerous electrical devices that contain it, due to its great conductivity and vibration . And likewise, they work with us, channeling and tuning.

Let’s raise the energy impulse of the hand of this Gem, to promote channeling, and our spiritual growth.

  1. HOWLITE – The peace.

Peace, patience, understanding during the process. Also our antidote when stress appears .

This Gem works on the mind, calming and opening us to the access of our past lives. Meditate with it, holding it gently in your hands, to favor the opening of this new channel.

  1. LEPIDOLITE – The great cleanser.

Regressions bring to light our most hidden fears and patterns, and therefore, represent a new awakening, and an excellent tool for internal knowledge. < / p>

During this process, and whenever we feel like it, we can place a Lepidolite under our pillow to calm the mind, and free from our lives those old patterns , which we no longer want that they accompany us more.

  1. OBSIDIAN – The healing of the soul.

This volcanic crystal is linked to growth and protection . With the elimination of blockages, and the realization of significant changes in life , in direct line with therapy.

It will be our faithful protective companion, and that reminder of inner strength, especially indicated, to heal the possible gaps that may open.


What is the Past Life Regression Therapy?

It is a transpersonal therapy , that is, you go beyond the personal, the ego, encompassing the plane of the soul. As a therapeutic process it serves to drain the toxic, when the soul does not process difficult situations, the body becomes ill and symptoms appear ; By draining the emotions and thoughts, the energy is released and the symptom disappears.

The goal is to bring unresolved painful experiences from this life and past lives to our consciousness to heal them .

Why is it called past life therapy?

It was given this name since the person in regression usually identifies himself , in another body, another time and space, where they also experience the death of that body.

How is the regressive therapy process?

Mainly account of 3 stages:

  1. Identification: Recognize ourselves in the story, identify with the character .
  2. Disidentification: Realizing that we are no longer that person, that this story is over.
  3. Transformation: Through understanding why and how it affects our current life to transform ourselves in ternamente and thus, transform our external world.

Accepting the past, not to change it, but to solve it, to get out of the entrapment forever and create the best possible future.

What can be worked on in regressions?

Can be worked on fears, anguish, repetitive patterns, situations or links conflictive, phobias, physical pain, feelings such as guilt, rejection, anxiety, loneliness and abandonment. Everything that has to do with a difficulty that you may feel and that you think limits you today to live a full life and create the best possible future.

Benefits of Regressive Therapy

  • It allows you to forgive situations, people or experiences and understand that each Experience is part of a path of evolution.
  • Eliminates fear of death.
  • Resolutions of conflictive relationships, liberation of ties and dependencies with other people (karmic healing).
  • It allows solving situations of phobias, fears, guilt, rejection, abandonment, anxiety, loneliness, etc.
  • Healing at the mental, emotional, corporal and spiritual levels.
  • Self-knowledge, personal and spiritual growth.
  • Elevation of consciousness and transcendence of the ego.
  • Understanding of mission and lessons in current life.

Where does TVP work?

Regressive therapy works with ALPHA brain waves , which is the subconscious level. These waves appear when we feel relaxed, when the mind is calm and clear and disconnects from the outside to connect with the inside. At this level we expand the ability to create (expanded state of consciousness). meditation and visualization.

Nataliaprofesional de miistico


Our power of manifestation is almost magnetic. And our goal is to inspire a concept of life based on harmony, consciousness, and sustainability, through the Malas, the Gems, and pieces to surround you in your home, as reminders on your trip.

Because magic is everywhere, and you just have to pay attention to the small details to see it. What do you want to manifest in your life?

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