4 elements to clean and purify the energies of your home

In this article we propose 4 elements that you can use to perform energetic cleansing and purify the space of your home.

Why an energetic cleansing

Just as we physically cleanse our space and our body, it is also necessary to cleanse your energy field and that of your home. Energetic cleansing helps to attract positivity, peace and well-being and relaxes the environment.

Thoughts and emotions are vibrational frequencies that are projected outward into our environment. Some of these vibrations can be beneficial and others can be a bit “burdensome” for us. Through energetic cleansing you transform and purify the energy of your environment.

These cleansings help to promote a more positive and harmonious environment in your space and can be done in different ways. Here are 4 natural elements that you can use to clean and purify your space.

4 básicos para limpiar y purificar las energías de tu hogar

Cleanse and purify the space with Rue, Copal, Palo Santo and White Sage.

1. Rue

Rue has traditionally been used as a purifying plant and to ward off negative energies and energetically protect the space. Since ancient times it is believed that placing branches of rue in different areas of the house or burning rue leaves in an incense can help to clean the space and create a more positive atmosphere.

Rue is the most recommended plant in the case of feeling very dense energies or to perform an initial energetic cleansing of the space.

2. Copal

Copal is an aromatic resin obtained from certain species of trees of the Burseraceae family, mainly from the copal tree (Protium copal) and the white copal tree (Bursera bipinnata). The resin has been traditionally used by indigenous peoples of Central and South America as incense and for spiritual purposes.

Some people use Copal as a way to purify the air and space and to ward off negative energies. It is believed that burning copal can have a calming and relaxing effect and can be used in spiritual rituals.

3. Palo Santo

Palo Santo means “sacred wood” and since ancient times has been used for spiritual purposes. Palo Santo comes mainly from the American continent and was used by the Inca shamans and their people in their spiritual rituals.

It is often used to cleanse and purify the energies of space and oneself. Palo Santo is one of the great allies for energetic cleansing.

The intense, pleasant and citrusy aroma of this wood also promotes meditation and relaxation, raises self-esteem, and stimulates gentleness and the ability to give and receive love. In addition, it has purifying properties as well as a calming and relaxing effect and can be used to promote mental clarity and concentration.

4. White Sage

White Sage (Salvia apiana) is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. It is also known by its common name “white bear sage” due to its traditional use by California Indians.

White Sage has traditionally been used by California Indians to treat respiratory ailments and to promote cleansing and purification of the body and space. White sage is a great ally to attract positive energies with a pleasant and intense aroma.

How to use these elements for energetic cleansing.

Light 1 stick of copal incense, rue, palo santo or a bundle of white sage and pass it around your house. Start at the door of your house and do each corner clockwise with the windows open. As you do this, visualize how you are cleansing the energies in your home. You can also pass it over yourself to cleanse your energies.

You can use it whole or turn it off to have several uses, letting it “suffocate” by burying it in sand or putting it carefully under the faucet (just the tip) and letting it dry.

It is important to use caution when burning rue, copal, palo santo, white sage or any other type of plant, as there may be risks of fire and smoke inhalation.


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