3 mystical rituals to get back into your routine.

3 rituals to get back to your routine

September is the month of getting back to routine, putting our lives back in order and it is not always easy to get back to daily life with good energy. We propose below 3 mystical rituals to help you in this return to routine and be your best version.

  • Your personal goals notebook.

Normally we usually wait until the end of the year to take stock of the year, close the cycle and set new goals. However, for many, summer could be considered as a parenthesis between two stages or cycles that can be used to evaluate what has been experienced and establish a new roadmap. Therefore, we propose the following activity to set your goals and objectives for this new period.

Steps to follow:

  1. Get a notebook that you like and inspires you. It is very important that you feel it is yours since it will be your notebook for this new personal cycle that begins with the return to routine and until your next summer vacation.
  2. Choose a day when you have a moment and a quiet space to inaugurate this notebook. You can accompany the room withscented candles, incense, music and even a glass of wine! Decorate the environment with different elements that make you connect with your senses.
  3. Write down your 5 main goals for this new period. It is important that you include goals related to the different areas of your life (personal, work, family, spiritual…). Avoid that the 5 are focused on 1 or 2 aspects. To help you, we leave you below where you can find “The wheel of life” and will help you set goals and objectives for each area: https://trabajarporelmundo.org/rueda-de-la-vida/
  4. Establish one day a month for you to review the goals and objectives you have set for yourself. That day is not to reproach yourself for anything. Just read them, remember them and meditate on them. You can write in your notebook everything that comes to your mind


  • Energy cleansing to cleanse and purify your space and body.

The return to your home and routine is a good time to perform a ritual cleansing and purification of our body and our space. It is a perfect time to restore our well-being and charge us with energy for the new.

To do this, first do a thorough cleaning of your house or room. Organize your drawers, give away the clothes you no longer wear and rearrange your furniture if you think it’s necessary. Once you have everything organized, open the windows and purify your space by passing copal incense throughout the house. Since ancient times copal incense has been considered a point of union between the divine and the earthly, making it a perfect element to cleanse negative energies, promote purification and harmony of the environment, and promote concentration and peace of mind. When finished, give thanks. 

Once you have cleansed your space, it is time to cleanse your energies. To do this, you can pass copal incense around your body or perform a eucalyptus bath/shower following the steps below:

  1. Boil water in a pot and add the eucalyptus leaves when the water is boiling.
  2. Turn off the heat and let it cool down a bit. When it has rested for a while, use a strainer to remove the leaves.
  3. Bathe or shower in normal water and once you are clean, pour the eucalyptus water over your body. While doing so, visualize how you cleanse your energies and strengthen your spirit.
  4. When you finish, do not use the towel and let the eucalyptus remain on your skin.
  5. Once you get out of the bath, return the remains of the leaves to nature and give thanks.
  • Ritual to attract abundance and achieve your goals: plant your goal-plant.

To plant is to connect with the flow of nature’s abundance. Through this action you can integrate this abundance into your life. Seeds represent the hope of the future generation. It is the way nature multiplies and is reborn again and again. For this reason we propose you to link the growth of a plant to a personal objective.

Steps to follow:

  1. Think of an important objective for you and on which you have capacity of action.
  2. Choose the seed of a plant that makes you illusion.
  3. Plant it with your own hands. The Crescent Moon season is a good time to do it.
  4. Care for it the way you care and fight for your goal. The plant will develop a very close relationship to your goal. In the blog selvaviva you can find tips to take care of your plants. 
  5. When your goal is met you can plant another plant in nature as a sign of gratitude.

Remember that all these rituals must be accompanied by actions and daily work to be your best version. Happy September!

Happy September!


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