Mars and Venus Conjunction: 06/03/2022

On March 6, 2022, we will be able to enjoy the magical encounter between the two great cosmic lovers: Mars and Venus en Aquarius.  This encounter will irradiate us with an intense energy of love, passion and sexuality. 

What is a conjunction of Mars and Venus?

A conjunction is the coming together of two or more celestial bodies in their apparent path across the sky. This term is used when two planets are in the same zodiac sign and at the same degree. In the case of the conjunction of Mars and Venus, it is the encounter between the two planets from the perspective of the Earth in the sign of Aquarius

Mars and Venus Conjunction

The conjunction of Mars and Venus is about the union of opposites and complementaries. Two sides of the same coin that together, reach the perfect and complementary union.  Around this date you may have a crush, get a project that you like or have victories in what you want so much. It will also be the moment when, if there is something «meant» to happen, it will happen around those dates. It is that moment when everything unexpected but predestined is possible. 

The conjunction of these planets causes everything about them to be emphasized. During February, March and April, we will experience new ways of connecting with what we want and with our passions. We will be able to bring our dreams to fruition thanks to the active energy of Mars. 

The conjunction of these planets causes everything related to them to be emphasized. During February, March and April, we will experience new ways to connect with what we want and with our passions. We will be able to carry out our dreams thanks to the active energy of Mars. 

Around these days and as a consequence of this conjunction, it is the time of the year when love (Venus) and passion (Mars) are at their peak. As a result, romance and sex will be in the air. 

Conjunción Marte y Venus

Ritual for the conjunction of Mars and Venus

According to the principle of correspondence of the Kybalion, “as above, so below; as below, so above.” 

We all have the characteristics or properties of the different planets in each of us. Some may shine brighter than others, but there is a piece of each of them in us. We are part of a whole. Therefore, the ritual we propose the following actions for such a special day for the meeting of opposites like today:  

To connect with the planet Venus, do an activity that you enjoy, that you like, or pamper yourself. It’s about feeling loved or enjoying beauty. It can be anything from a bubble bath to a painting class, buying a new dress or anything that you feel love for yourself.

To connect with the planet Mars, it is the time to take action or take the initiative in something. Let your » fiery» side take you to places you may not be used to and enjoy it, it’s a day to go for everything you want!

Choose a quiet moment, light a red or pink candle (passion or love), set the mood and take a sheet of paper. On it, make two columns: the Venus column and the Mars column. It is about reflecting and writing in which moments of your life or situations you feel more one planet or the other. For example, «in love I am more passionate or impulsive so I put it in the Mars column», «I need to work on something I like or enjoy so I put it in Venus». It’s not about judging or taking action, quite the opposite. It is a day to be conscious and visualize how you manage your energy in each of the areas. There is nothing wrong or right with it, it is just the way it is «now».

Once you have it, internalize everything written with a strong breath. Inhale for a count of seven and exhale for a count of seven. Burn the paper, return the ashes to nature and give thanks. It is important that you do this with both hands, the right hand representing your conscious and the left hand representing your unconscious. In this way, you will be giving thanks with your whole being (to yourself, to the Universe or to whomever you want). 

Happy conjunction of Mars and Venus!


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